We’re journalists at heart

That’s why editorial thinking and research drive our data visualizations.

A unique combination of three things makes us different…

  1. Our story-driven approach to data journalism
  2. The creativity and clarity of our visualizations
  3. Our inventive use of technology and platforms

We create data visualizations on every platform

Motion graphics
Social media

We work with our clients as strategic creative partners. We collaborate with you to...

  • Understand your objectives

  • Organise and analyse your data

  • Develop compelling solutions

How we work

Every project we work on is uniquely designed to achieve your objectives. This is the process we follow...

1. Concept

The beating heart of every project. We write a creative vision that sets out what this data-driven story needs to reveal.

2. Research

Our researchers help to refine and shape the narrative according to the data.

3. Sketch

Hand-drawn design thinking. Our team explores creative visual ideas for presenting the data.

4. Design

We use beautiful design to enhance understanding. Our designs evolve with focused feedback from stakeholders.

5. Build

We build and test digital interactives (and construct physical visualizations) for effortless usability.