Artificial Intelligence


There are more than twice as many data points powering Visa’s AI than there are neurons in our brains.

In a series of animated explainers, we revealed how Visa’s AI tools have transformed financial security and are making everyday life simpler, safer and smoother.

We explored how we could use shape, movement and storytelling to bring these complex topics to life. Most importantly, we gave Visa’s AI a familiar, friendly form – a helpful guardian that watches over every transaction, every second, keeping customers and sellers safe from fraud.

In the second animation, the human at the centre of our story is ‘Avery’, a VISA cardholder who’s booking holidays, buying clothes and opening accounts.

To show how these transactions – and millions of others like them – are protected by AI’s vast global brain, we translated them into a kinetic grid of bustling polygons. It’s a visual network of data points, firing like neurons as the AI processes and learns from thousands of activities every second, getting smarter every second.

The final animations are vibrant explainers that put an engaging, accessible spin on the complex topics of finance and artificial intelligence.

Video one: Preventing fraud with Visa's artificial intelligence

Video two: How artificial intelligence protects your purchases