Collision Anthology


Coral as construction material. Robots as colleagues and carers. Holographic maps and AR glasses that change the way we see the world. Autodesk’s innovation research community is focused on technologies that will define the future.

But how can they steal a glimpse at this near-future? They use the power of speculative fiction – storytelling that imagines hypothetical realities – to offer a mind-expanding glimpse at what could be realised in a little over a decade.

We took a trilogy of Autodesk’s most fascinating ‘collision stories’ and brought them to life as a vibrant and inspiring ebook. Showcasing what Autodesk can see just past the horizon, each story is beautifully illustrated and annotated to explain the real-world ideas at work within them.

By ‘colliding’ some of today’s most impactful yet least developed innovations, these stories predict what our world might look like, what challenges we might face and what solutions might change our lives for the better.

Aimed at innovators and the public alike, the anthology is an exciting, accessible guide through worlds the reader never thought possible – but which may be closer than we think.