Data videos

UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology

How severely are ammonia emissions rising across the UK? What are the hidden effects? And who’s most at risk? Why do tiny pollinating insects have a giant impact on our economy, our environment and our wellbeing? And what can be done to protect them all?

These questions will have a big impact on the UK in the coming years. Yet few people know to ask them, let alone how to answer. The UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (UKCEH) can do both – thanks to their unique wealth of data, that can help experts to understand and protect our world.

The UKCEH asked us to create a set of two-minute videos that could showcase their environmental science credentials and reveal some of the vital, fascinating insights and possibilities within their data.

Inside this short-form format, we used a variety of storytelling and data viz techniques to deliver these messages in a concise, compelling style. Each video shone a twin spotlight on the power of UKCEH’s data and the issues it can help with. They revealed big trends, visualized surprising statistics and explained geographic insights in ways that were both emotive and authoritative.

These videos informed and alerted policy makers, politicians and other key stakeholders at a series of important events, from Westminster to COP, from the British Ecological Society to social media.