Festive Conversations

Facebook IQ

At a glance

We created a delightful, insightful series of interactive websites and festive animations for Facebook IQ Our goal? To help marketers understand the behaviour and attitudes of Facebook users in the run-up to Christmas.

Getting animated

Alongside full-length animations, we also created 15-second snippets to promote the main sites for audiences including France, Italy, Spain and the UK.

Facebook supplied us with data from its sales presentations and we pulled out the most compelling points to gift-wrap the key messages in a short, super-engaging story.

Take a look at the video above to see an example of the full-length animations.

Keeping consistency

When it came to the websites, we designed a single solution for all the countries and languages with the same fun and festive look-and-feel across the animations and the sites.

We topped and tailed each piece: a drop-down date device anchored the start of Christmas Facebook activity for each country, then concluded with a summary of the four biggest takeaway stats.

We delivered the main data between those anchors, crafting the content for each country (or area) around their unique data points.

For the iconography, we created a mix of Christmas-y motifs: falling snow, enticing presents, popping fireworks. It was important to Facebook that we represent their multi-cultural audience, too.

And as a finishing touch, we animated the icons and the data to breathe as much delight and depth into the page as possible.

'Festive conversations' icon images

Choosing the data

From the data supplied by Facebook, we cherry-picked the strongest data points for each country in order to create the timeline of highlights for each.

When does Facebook come alive with Black Friday chatter about bargains to be bought? When do people in the UK start talking about their New Year’s Resolutions on Facebook? Which day sees the most posts over the entire holiday period?

It was fascinating to find, and show, the festive differences between countries. Boxing Day, for example, doesn’t feature on any timeline except the UK’s (it’s a British tradition, after all). And while Black Friday may be feverish in the US, it’s still only warming up as a concept in the Netherlands (and, interestingly, mainly for men).

'Festive conversations' insight image
'Festive conversations' image 'Festive conversations' insight image

Global spend

One thing that all areas of the world have in common? According to their conversations on Facebook, they all start Christmas spending early in autumn.

Using the lingo

Of the 12 sites we created, seven were in languages other than English, including Polish, Swedish and Brazilian Portuguese. We worked closely with Facebook to ensure that translations were contemporary and in keeping with the Facebook tone of voice.