Meet the Parents


At a glance

Facebook IQ uses consumer insights to help marketers understand the behaviour and attitudes of Facebook users. We created a multi-language interactive website for them, to show off the results of their quantitative research study on parenting.

Genning up

The data set for Meet the Parents was large – 1778 sheets of results. The results spanned seven different countries – from Australia to Mexico.

When we’re faced with such a large amount of data, our first step is to sift through it. We started to identify the themes and key stories to bring out, and to determine the logical taxonomy for the tool.

For example, there was a range of research available, from the emotional ‘What really changes when the kids arrive?’ and ‘How do modern parents compare to their own parents’ to the more techy, like ‘What devices do parents own?’.

Mobile first

We like to have editorial and design teams working together as early as possible. And with the final data set and labelling in mind, on this project, we focused on mobile first.

We defined the user experience early on, taking particular care over the navigation. For example, what solution would work best on a smartphone, for so many countries, languages and themes?

Tonal range

The audience for this piece was professional marketers. We wanted them to move fluidly through the content, taking in the data, but not feeling overwhelmed by it. So we kept the language factual, light and straightforward. Bringing a little animation to the vizzes kept the pages looking fresh, without constant or distracting movement.

The tool needed to fit within the existing Facebook IQ site in terms of its look and feel. But we had a free rein in terms of creating something sympathetic to it. And our punchy, clean design reflects this.

Mother tongues

We kept our writing simple and pun-free for another reason – the content had to be translated into other languages – Portuguese, Spanish and Mexican Spanish.