Social media storytelling

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At a glance

Social media offers many powerful ways to reach audiences. Here’s how we create data-driven visual stories to engage people in their social feeds.

Charts that unfold

To grab people’s attention on social, we transformed charts from a printed report into short video stories.

In less than 20 seconds they show progress made on maternal mortality – and how many lives could yet be saved or lost.

Read the full case study on the Goalkeeper’s 2017 report

Emotion in motion

Designed to stop people as they scroll through their social feeds, this one-minute animation uses a collage of different media – photography, text, graphics and data visualization – to build an emotional, dynamic visual story.

Read the full case study on This is Ella

Animation showing a visualization of the eradication of malaria from countries
Animation showing three of the tools used in the eradication of malaria from countries

Dynamic talking points

Looping over just a few seconds, these animated gifs offer punchy snapshots from one of Bill Gates’ speeches about malaria.

Fresh, informative and easy to understand, they helped promote the main talking points on social media.

Read the full case study on Malaria off the Map

Animated gif about the human heart

Delightful discoveries

To delight and inform BBC’s audiences on social media, we created over 60 animated explainers that provide amazing answers to curious questions about the world we live in.

Read the full case study on Animation collection

Data visualization about workplace romance
Data visualization about workplace romance

Survey results on social

What did 5,000 UK workers reveal when surveyed about romance in the workplace?

We visualized some of the most eye-catching results as colourful social-media graphics to drive traffic to the client’s website.

Read the full case study on How Love Works

Illustration about sex and gender
Data visualization about gender and healthcare

Bringing a report to life

This series of social media graphics explains the key concepts, data and insights in a new The Lancet report on gender norms and health.

Thanks to simple charts and warm illustrations, they stand out and reward a closer look.

Instagram Story about unpaid work in Uruguay
Instagram Story about unpaid work in Uruguay

Compact case studies

We used Instagram Stories to create a series of impactful micro-case-studies about gender equality to support Women Deliver’s 2019 global conference.

Users watch an auto-play slideshow to discover what happens when countries use gender data to drive policy and equality.

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