State of Design & Make report


Autodesk‘s new global annual research study couldn’t just be yet another number-heavy report. They asked us to craft a new approach to communicating data that could make a lasting impression.

Their research reveals how technology is transforming businesses at a startling speed – and how leaders in the design-and-make industries must adapt fast to keep up.

So we energised its biggest insights as a series of quickfire animated stories that move with pace, colour and clarity. Each one smartly summarised a key topic from the report – from evolving workforce to sustainability – and drove audiences to discover the full research.

The report

For the report itself, we created a fresh visual system of smart, bold charts that made each data story impossible to ignore and easy to understand. Across every platform, these assets are helping to drive the project’s central mission – inspire leaders to urgently invest in digital transformation – and cementing Autodesk’s leading status in design-and-make.