The generation who can transform Kenya

Shujaaz Inc

People aged 15-24 are now Kenya’s biggest ever youth generation. They could help unlock a new era of prosperity for the entire country. Or they could be forgotten. Because few people – their government, the media, even their parents – understand their passions, their potential or their struggles.

So Shujaaz Inc, a network of social ventures in East Africa, did what no one else did: they asked young Kenyans about their lives.

With six years of rich, intimate survey data – some 13,000 interviews – from Kenya’s most important generation, Shujaaz asked us to help communicate a wealth of never-before-seen insights to the world.

To unlock the immense power of this data goldmine, we create a ‘scrollytelling’ digital narrative that’s designed to engage decision-makers using editorial, storytelling, data visualization and interactivity.

We worked closely with Shujaaz to write clear, compelling editorial and draw out the most important stories from the vast dataset. We created interactive visualizations and impactful stats that reveal eye-opening trends around income, sexual health and governance. We made sure the voices of young people themselves shone throughout.

Alongside this, we crafted supporting assets – one-page fact sheets and social media visuals – to inform policy-makers and partners, and help further position Shujaaz Inc as East Africa’s leading youth knowledge hub.

Immediately following its launch, the project sparked important conversations about the trends shaping young people’s lives in Kenya. It should help shape better policies, programmes and products for years to come.