How we make sense

We use data visualization, storytelling and information design to solve communication problems and create impact.

We know how to help audiences understand

  1. Give shape to big ideas
  2. Reveal insights hidden in data
  3. Turn information into narratives

Visual storytelling on any platform

Social media

Our creative process

How we transform complex topics into visual stories that audiences can understand.

1. Concept

The beating heart of every project. We write a creative vision that sets out what this story needs to reveal.

2. Research

Our data journalists will now investigate the information and analyse the datasets. This helps us to create a compelling narrative.

3. Sketch

Our designers explore various visual devices that bring complex ideas to life and reveal the stories in the data.

4. Design

We know that thoughtful, beautiful design will enhance understanding. And we evolve our designs with focused feedback from stakeholders.

5. Build

Ambitious and innovative, we consider the best platform for the concept and objective, pushing boundaries to tell the most engaging story.