Creating narratives with data

Beyond Words

Data is evolving, and so are we.

In our previous incarnation, Information is Beautiful Studio, we created beautiful visualizations, infographics and installations helping companies, organisations and audiences understand data in all its forms.

Beyond Words is a new name for our studio as we move into the next era of information design.

About us

We sit at the intersection of journalism, cutting-edge design and data visualization. Our multidisciplinary team is unified by a single goal – to combine data and design to create compelling, human-centred narratives.

Our approach is a blend of science and storytelling that appeals to the heart as well as the head.

Who we’ve worked with


Here’s some work we’re rather fond of...

These projects showcase the diverse and dynamic executions we can apply across almost every conceivable platform and sector.

We’ve worked within the sciences, the arts, data analytics, pop culture, sports, media, politics and technology to name a few.

Each is unique and requires a unique solution. We can make your data work for you in the most surprising ways.

A day in the life


A beautifully hypnotic and dynamic visualization of 24 hours in the global life of Visa. We reveal hidden patterns and connections in cross-border transactions and domestic spending habits from countries and cities around the world.

Global Health Check

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Mosaic by Wellcome

What does the state of global health look like when viewed through a personalised lens? Enter your birth year to see the devastating outbreaks, medical breakthroughs and healthy improvements that have happened in your lifetime.

See the project live

Full of Spice festival

Kew Gardens

We created three physical data installations on the health benefits and history of spices for Kew’s Full of Spice festival. We explored in depth these mystical commodities from where and when they originated to the good they do for us every day.

How we work

In the right hands data can tell stories, reveal patterns and make connections. Beyond Words are the right hands.

Data is something to be examined, explored and, ultimately, explained. We transform data into something everyone can relate to and understand.

Our skill is crafting compelling narratives combining graceful design, journalism and technology.


Duncan Swain

Co-founder and Creative Partner

Duncan is an award-winning creative director with two decades of experience in journalism, design and digital platforms. As an original co-founder of the Information is Beautiful Studio, Duncan has helped bring information design into the modern era.

Duncan was previously Creative and Editorial Director at setting the creative vision for the BBC’s international and commercial digital products.

Rebecca Conroy

Co-founder and Managing Partner

Rebecca is the driving force behind Beyond Words, with extensive experience of delivering complex projects on time and to budget. As a co-founder at Information is Beautiful Studio she understands the many facets of modern information design.

Rebecca was also previously COO for, leading teams responsible for the BBC’s international and commercial digital products.

Studio address

91 Brick Lane
London E1 6QL
United Kingdom

Contact +44 (0)20 3432 9522

We just do data.

But we do it in many ways.