Digital Twins


What if we could simulate the Earth so accurately, we could peek into its future? ECMWF is exploring that question. Pushing the boundaries of today’s technology using a level of supercomputing that had previously been impossible.

We’d already helped ECMFW introduce their Digital Twin technology through the launch of the Destination Earth programme website. For this follow-up project, we were asked to produce an animation that could dig deeper, and explore two specific ‘Twins’, one simulating extreme weather events, the other, climate change scenarios.

The design had to match the futuristic technology behind Destination Earth. So we combined a carefully curated palette of colours, grids, and stylistic effects like glows, to make the visuals look like they were lifted from a sci-fi user-interface.

The final 2-minute video combines visuals, text and sound effects into an easily digestible explainer of these planet-sized concepts.